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500 Years of Bookplates on Display at the Rosenbach

The posts on this blog bring attention to the interesting stories that provenance marks in historical books have to tell about books and their owners.  The current exhibit, “The Art of Ownership: Bookplates and Book Collectors from 1480 to the … Continue reading

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Incunables at Bryn Mawr and Marge in the Margins

The image shown above is one of 134 new images of provenance marks from the Special Collections Library at Bryn Mawr College that were recently added to POP.  All the images show marks of ownership from Bryn Mawr’s collection of … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: MLyC?

Today’s mystery provenance mark comes from a book called “Il Pastor Fido” the “Faithful Shephard”, a tragicomedy from the late 16th century (Penn Libraries: IC55 G9315 590p 1591).  The monogram bookplate shown above appears in the upper left corner of … Continue reading

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Isaac Newton’s Books

    The image above shows the signature of Isaac Newton (1643-1727) in a copy of Robert Boyle’s Experimentorum novorum physico-mechanicorum at the Huntington Library in California (Huntington: 70087).  As Newton notes here under his name, the book was given to … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: A Manuscript Mona Lisa From the Huntington Library

When most people think of Renaissance portraits they picture a painting like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa hanging in a frame on the wall of a museum.  We might expect to encounter the faces of people from the 15th and … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: Who signed the Newberry Library’s First Folio?

A few weeks ago I posted about a mystery inscription in a copy of Penn Libraries’ copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, the first edition of Shakespeare’s works published in 1623.  Today’s Monday mystery comes from the title page of the … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: Marks in Shakespeare’s First Folio

Often figuring out who owned a book before begins with researching the marks we can see on its pages.  However, in some cases the first challenge is to be able to see those marks at all.  As I wrote in … Continue reading

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The Folger Shakespeare Library Joins POP: Royal Provenance and Women Making Their Mark

The inscription above is a note to Henry VIII from wife number four of six, Anne of Cleves.  Written in a 1533 book of hours from the Folger Shakespeare Library (STC 15982), it reads: I besiche your grace hu[m]b[ly] when … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: Unicorn “Friend of the Sea”

Update: Thanks to Anita Weaver, who tweeted a link to the Ritman library, which had identified the owner associated with this bookplate.  It is the bookplate of René Philipon (1870-1936), and the greek “Philos Pontou” is a pun on Philipon’s … Continue reading

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Custom-made Provenance

People have long taken pleasure in adding some element of individual expression to the media they use to read.  This is apparent nearly everywhere on the computers and websites we use daily to access news, scholarship, social updates and more.  … Continue reading

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